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Chris Coltran Demo - Keynote Speaker, Author, Consultant, Trainer - Hire or book a keynote speaker or trainer for event

Are you looking to book or hire a professional speaker for a keynote or training at a convention or a retail, wholesale, manufacturing, distribution, management, flooring, floorcovering, executive, real estate, banking, affiliate marketing, direct sales, mlm, network marketing or entrepreneur annual association meeting?

Look no further. You have (really) found your next speaker.

Then you will love this public and motivational speaker Chris Coltran. He is Intelligent, entertaining, informative, energetic, knowledgeable, high-energy, young at heart, and funny. He developed the Grandmother Philosophy from his book, Selling to Your Grandmother after spending over 20 years in the flooring industry. Chris is a published author, a writer, and has written for multiple publications, a professional speaker and training expert, doing keynote presentations for groups of entrepreneurs and business owners all over America and Canada.

If you are a small business or a multi-million dollar company, Chris Coltran is a perfect consultant for your retail business for your sales people or your management. He had a direct-sales organization all over the world and also started a small business in a garage that later expanded into a million-dollar per year operation. If you need a speaker or trainer for your next corporate event or an association event, Chris is affordable. On a limited or small budget? He will give you a top notch presentation for a fair, low fee.

Chris will customize the material for your organization and provide breakout sessions if needed. Satisfaction guaranteed or you don't pay. Easy to work with and no extra agent or service fees or hidden charges. He is also a business consultant, a coach, and does business development.

Watch this video to see Chris in action then contact us to check his schedule and book a speaker for your next local Atlanta or National event.

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Setting Sales Budgets by Chris Coltran - Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Trainer.

Have you set your sales budgets for next year yet?  Have you set your sales goals?  Do you know how to set your sales goals?  Do you know how to set budgets?

If not, now is the time.  Salespeople are humans and they don't like it when budgets or goals are set for them, so they either set goals on their own, and set budgets for themselves or you have to set budgets for them.  Without a vision of the future, it is often times very bleak.  You have to know where you are going in order to get there.  Another quote I often use is, Man without a vision will perish.  Goal are one of the most important steps towards your personal and business success. 
People will be more likely to hit goals and targets when they have them.  If management or sales people they don't have goals, they will fall short of expectations.  This is not good and in this current economy, there is no time or money to waste. 

If you are looking for a consultant or outside expert to help you with your company or small business, or need help leading your sales staff or management team, I can help.  It is what I do every day.
If you are looking for a trainer or training for your salespeople or your management, you have come to the right place.  I am affordable sales training for your staff.  I am your sales training on a budget.  I can do live training or webinars or conference calls.

Chris Coltran is available for conventions or a retail, wholesale, manufacturing, distribution, management, affiliate, mlm, executive, real estate, marketing, advertising, banking, direct sales or entrepreneur annual association meetings.  Chris is a professional speaker and keynote speaker, author, consultant, management trainer, sales trainer, and business development expert.

Olefin Fiber vs. Nylon Fiber by Chris Coltran

Have you ever wanted to know the difference between olefin fiber and nylon fiber?

In this one minute training video, I explain how some manufacturers are using olefin in place of nylon for certain styles and constructions of carpeting.  Nylon has always been the most durable fiber in terms of wear and performance.  Nylon staining has always been a problem and continues to be an issue for retailers and consumers.  Olefin however, is almost stain-proof.

Most manufacturers, Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu, Stanton, Kane, Dixie to just name a few manufacture with both fibers, including a third fiber, polyester.  Olefin naturally stain-resistant or stain-proof.  It is a solution-dyed fiber and the color is locked into the fiber when it is extruded and before it is made into yarn and then tufted into carpet.  The downside to olefin is its durability.  It was mainly used in level-loop carpeting in light-commercial applications as a cost reduction or cost saving method for an end-user.  Because of its lack of durability compared to nylon, it was not used in high-end commercial carpet or residential broadloom.

With the continuing advancement in tufting machines, and the unlimited styling and patterns created on computers and transferred to the tufting machines, manufacturers have started using olefin fiber and yarns to produce carpets that can perform under heavy traffic.  This is done with combinations of loop and cut-pile constructions and patterns.  If a cut-pile is dense, tight, and short, it will hold up to traffic.  Olefin also is a big cost savings to the manufacturer and can offer material at lower prices to the retailers and in turn to the end-users. 

In the end, the consumer wins with olefin.  (and polyester)  Don’t not buy or purchase olefin carpet just because of the fiber.  Be sure to also consider the construction.  Construction is more important than the yarn or fiber in many cases.

Chris Coltran is a 24-year flooring industry expert, keynote speaker, sales trainer, and consultant to the floor-covering industry.  He has a one minute training series that is designed to help salespeople, managers, and owners in running the business or companies.

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