Friday, February 6, 2015

Best Superbowl 49 Commercial - 2015 - Internet - Social Media - by Chris Coltran

Super Bowl XLIX (that's 49 for those of you who don't do Roman Numerials) was incredible and once again a big topic of the game were the commercials.  The cost this year rose to $4.5 million per 30 seconds.  I would be a liar if I didn't say I was disappointed with the overall offerings.  I’m not sure what some of the ad execs were thinking when they came up with ideas for the largest stage a television commercial could ever receive.  Many referred to the Super Bowl as the Super Bawl because of the emotions many spots conjured up in viewers including subjects like Fathers and children dying.

Fortunately, one 60 second commercial spot for BMW really stood out from the rest. Sure, Budweiser had their 3rd installment of their puppy ad campaign which was very well done, and a few other companies were in the conversation, but the best commercial in my opinion starred Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble, both hosts of the Today Show back in 1994 for the BMW i3.

The commercial opens with both of them live on the air in 1994 when they put an email address up on the screen. Bryant didn't know what to call the "@" symbol in the email address.  Katie asked the producer to please, "explain what internet is?"  to the viewing audience.  It was very funny to see how just 21 years ago the Internet was so new that people didn't even know what it even was or what it was even for. To see Bryant stumble over the dot com and not even know how to say an email address was humorous.  The commercial then jumps forward to present time with them both in a totally electric BMW. The message was simple.  There was a time when the internet was looked at much the same way as how people today look at electric cars.  In twenty years, who knows?  Maybe everyone will be driving one!

After NFL football fans (real and bandwagon) were treated to one of the most exciting (or upsetting) finishes to a Superbowl in its 49 year history, after the game my thoughts turned back to the commercials.

Here is the BMW commercial spot with Katie Couric and Gryant Gumble:

I believe there is a very important message in this commercial that every business owner, every business consultant, every leader, every manager, every salesperson, and every employee should know.

That message is this:  If you think you can continue to do things the way you have always done them, you are going to fail. Your competition will pass you.  You will lose your customers. Your sales will decline. You will be lucky to still be in business.
Watch this video describing what back then was known
 as "Internet.". 

Bill Gates said being on the Internet is, "hip."  One expert says whether your business is large or small, by the year 2000, all businesses will have to have a website.  Katie Couric says she is too busy and says, "I don't have time for Internet.  It will take too much time away from my family."  Matt Lauer thinks it will offer people self-therapy to be able to connect with others and opening discuss topics.  I think it is pretty funny to look back 21 years and see what people thought and their insights into the future.  Matt Lauer was on target with his prediction and basically described Twitter and Facebook. 

This also where the topic of social media comes into the conversation.  Let's go back to 2006. Prior to March 21st of this year, Twitter didn't exist. Facebook had just turned 2 years old on February 4th, 2006.  Instagram didn't exist until 2010. So what we know of Social Media Has only been around for about 10 years.  The social side of the internet has in some respects taken over its original intent; which was to send and receive mail, and house a place where businesses could create a space where their customers could interact remotely.  Social Media has moved to front and center of just about every event in the world.  There is always someone who is going to say something to spark on a debate and conversation.

Check out a recent 5 minute video I made about
Social Media:

So what’s the lesson in all of this?  Simple, look at how just a few years ago, the world was just being introduced to a thing called “Internet” and nobody really knew what it was or what it could do.  Today, a mere 21 years later, it has changed the world.  Businesses who chose to avoid it are unfortunately probably out of business.  Social Media is the next “internet.”  Don’t be one of those people I hear all the time say, “I don’t do Twitter,” or “I don’t have time for all that social stuff.”  If you don’t get started today, you may not be in business tomorrow.

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